UX Design Internship Program



mLab ECA in cooperation with Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF) are happy to announce a brand new UX Design Internship Program in Armenia.

The UX Design Internship Program is created for graphic designers, both with initial and advanced basis of knowledge of design in general, and for those who wish to have forward experience in mobile scope.


The project consists of three main laps: Learning, Practicing and Creation.


The course topics include human-mobile interaction, UI design, virtual communities, usability testing, visual design and others.


During the program the key principles of visual communication and design used in human centered (UX) design will be presented, so that students gain a systematic understanding as they create visual communication components of not only of mobile apps and games, but also print, and other interactive media. Students develop this understanding through hands-on exercises, design critiques, discussions, lectures, excursions and readings in a creative environment.

  1. The first initial part of the program [Learning] is to give the basic knowledge of the tools for designs including trainings for graphical software programs.
  2. The second lap [Practicing] provides a project-based introduction to the user interface design process and is oriented toward practical methods for approaching a design problem, focuses on developing conceptual designs based on user needs.
  3. The last part [Creation] includes the process of creating new products like mobile applications and games. Individually and in teams, students learn to make the UI architecture, following conventions of oral, written, and visual communication.

The whole program assures the fundamentals of research and presenting technical information in a right order and form for various audiences and purposes, includes overview of conceptual problems in human centered design and engineering, issues related to communicating scientific and technical information to a variety of audiences, and human centered design approaches.


The key purpose of the program is to evolve designers and push them to the new level of mobile environment. For now the local labor market needs advanced specialists of user interface designers. Accordingly, the graduates will advance in their career and in design in general.

Details can be found below


Date: on 1st December 2014


Venue: mLab ECA Regional Mobile Application Laboratory

(Teryan str. 105, SEUA, 10th Building, 5th floor)


Don’t waste time apply right now, it’s Free!


To register, please send an email to: trainings@mlab.am and indicate "UX Design Internship Program" in the subject line of your e-mail before the deadline on 27 of November [inclusive].


Don’t forget to attach your CV with photo and portfolio(please provide us a link/URL to your portfolio).

Internship applications will be reviewed. All selected candidates will be contacted.


For more information about course offerings please contact us at +374 60 50 98 76 cell number (Weekdays: From 10:00 to 19:00).