Whoa there!!!! 

Do you like coloring? Do you like painting? Come enjoy this great educational app with exiting coloring pages and many cool tools inside for more bright and fun coloring. Color your world with "Paint In"!


Silhouettes of different celebrities will appear. Try to recognize the style of your favourite celebrity. Find the appropriate accessories, clothing and hairstyle for celebrities and dress them up. Enjoy your game!


WiseKidsToy is an educational app for preschool and elementary school kids. With the help of this app your kids will learn and practice alphabet writing and recognize the numbers while playing.


"MyNews" app is a citizen journalist mobile phone application that uses multimedia and geolocation to create real-time news which will be posted on website.


This application is a useful tool to have a look at the daily moon phases. It provides you with ultimate forecast for any date.


Hello Kitty is a fun application for kids allowing them to interact with Kitty and stay entertained! Test your memory with the memory game or play fun puzzles!


This application gives an easy access to the information on existing companies operating in Armenia’s IT sector. 


Is it the end of the world? What will happen and where will you go after: Heaven or Hell? 
This application will help you find out! 


"My Planner" application is designed to remind you about your activities. It is simple, attractive and helps you manage your time effectively.


This application gives information about the Armenian Genocide, the first genocide of the 20th century.


Using "Cooking Book" you can search by key ingredients and get many recipes in English. It's easy and quick!


"ArmenianABC" is a fun 3in1 puzzle game in Armenian, featuring 3 game modes: Puzzle game with Armenian letters, uppercase-lowercase matching game and guess by sound game, where you need to choose the correct letter by its pronunciation.


Don't know what to cook? "Cooking Ideas" is your solution! Using "Cooking Ideas" you can search recipes by key ingredient and get many recipes in Armenian. It's easy and quick!


This application features a great Photo Gallery of the tramway, Tatev Monastic complex and the fascinating landscapes of Armenia, as well as information about the aerial tramway and the history of the beautiful Tatev Monastic complex.