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Wattap - Group the Objects is a hub where writers and book lovers meet.

Read and upload books, stories, fairy tales, movie scripts and other e-Content using smartphone, tablet and web. 

Rate, comment and edit any e-Content uploaded to the hub.


“Search My App” allows you to find, access your app(s) easier than ever before.

Just create “Search My App” Widget or an Icon on your home screen and start using your smartphone device much easier.


“Search My App” - save your time and make life better.


Logo quiz, Character quiz and Anime quiz all in one!
Over a 1000 questions in total, hints, bonuses and much more!
Give it a try! 


Dangerous worms and other insects are rushing towards the garden willing to take away the harvest. Your task is to move the arm correctly and shoot the stone into the vermin.


The application includes the story of the famous three little pigs with colorful illustrations.

After finishing reading the book, you'll find the list of the classic music used in the app.


"MyNews" app is a citizen journalist mobile phone application that uses multimedia and geolocation to create real-time news which will be posted on website.


This application is a useful tool to have a look at the daily moon phases. It provides you with ultimate forecast for any date.


Using "Cooking Book" you can search by key ingredients and get many recipes in English. It's easy and quick!


"ArmenianABC" is a fun 3in1 puzzle game in Armenian, featuring 3 game modes: Puzzle game with Armenian letters, uppercase-lowercase matching game and guess by sound game, where you need to choose the correct letter by its pronunciation. 


This is a super game for children to train their memory, concentration ability and have fun as well. All the cards are turned face down, you should turn one card and remember the picture on it, then find another card with the same picture.