TX Systems CJSC


Mr. Vahe Torozyan, CEO/President

12 Vagharshyan Str., Yerevan 0012, Armenia

Phone: +374 10 21 06 10, +374 10 21 06 20

Fax: +374 10 21 06 10

Email: info@tx-systems.com


"TX Systems" is a software development company specialized in online entertainment industry. Established in 2005 by 3 young enthusiasts the company now has more than 30 specialists and is considered to have its unique place in the IT industry. We own global recognition, strong references and working experience among companies located in more than 20 countries (USA, Europe, China etc.).


Our company is mainly specialized in the following areas:


Mobile Game Development

Porting Services (J2ME->Android, iPhone, iPhone->Android)

iPhone Development
Android Development

Online Game Development

Browser Based Games

Social Games
Flash Games

Art Outsourcing

2D Art Creation
3D Art Creation
Character Creation

Platforms/Technologies we use:

Facebook Developer Platform

iPhone SDK