SouthTech Consulting Inc, Armenian Branch

Mr. Tigran Hakobyan, Director

48 Mamikonyants Str., suite 203-204, Yerevan 0051, Armenia
Phone: + 374 10 20 79 25            
US Phone: + 1 818 539 52 93            
SouthTech Consulting, Inc. Armenian Branch is a software development and information technology consulting firm headquartered in Yerevan, Armenia. We specialize in the development of records management and document imaging systems for public agencies. Formed in 2001, SouthTech has worked for both private and public sectors creating complex database, document management, and image-enabled systems. All programmers of SouthTech have strong experience of development, management, analyzing and testing of Business and Internet and Intranet applications, system programming for Windows and Linux/Unix. 

The SouthTech Consulting, Inc.  software products are specifically designed to meet the need of government offices including: County Recorders, County Clerks, Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Election Officials and City Clerks. Each system is designed to be configured to meet the individual needs of the client and uses turnkey solutions that can be configured to meet the unique needs of each agency. These systems improve staff productivity and public service.

SouthTech Systems provides professional services including system analysis, system design, programming, data conversion, testing, documentation, system administration and end-user training, technical support, and software maintenance services. New product features and periodic compatibility updates are provided to protect your investment.

DisclosureDocs™ will assist you in complying with the FPPC guidelines as the designated Filing Officer.
Managing the business process of the FPPC mandated Conflict of Interest Code/Form 700
The solution for managing the business process of the FPPC mandated Campaign Disclosure Filing.
CampaignDocs™ is a database system which utilizes imaging, bar-coding, automatic report generation, and mail merge to manage the continuous process of Campaign Disclosure Filing of candidates, committees, large donors, and slate mailers.

Recording solution for imaging, indexing, and public access of recorded official records.
A comprehensive solution for building your electronic repository of information and images for recorded documents.
Automated storage and retrieval system for Marriage License, Birth Certificate, and Death Certificate recording
VitalDocs™ provides electronic document storage, indexing, public access and issuance of certified copies.
Comprehensive Cashiering, Fee Collection & Fund Accounting System for Clerks & Recorders.
Summit™ is an electronic recording, document imaging and document examination system using Internet data transmission for title and mortgage company documents electronically recorded by County Recorders.
Automated system for the registration, indexing, storage and retrieval of various registration forms fi led with the County Clerk.
ClerkDocs™ system provides easy-to-use data entry user interfaces to capture registration information.
An automated system to prepare, publish, store, search and retrieve agendas and all related documents.
Creation, collaboration, approval, and submission process of agenda staff reports.
All of these applications, except for ApplePay, were developed for US Government