Hitegrity LLC

Mr. Gagik Evoyan, President/CEO

24a Bagramyan Ave., Yerevan 0019, Armenia

Phone: +374 10 52-16-64

Fax: +374 10 52-66-37

Email: gagike@hylink.am



Hitegrity LLC, a private company headquartered in Yerevan, founded in 1998 based on Hylink JSC company to co-operate with P-Com Inc. Over the years this team provided software and hardware research, development and consultation services to a number of companies in the USA. partnering on a long term basis with the companies such as WaveWireless Inc. (formerly P-Com), OmniTrust Inc. (formerly Probix), Phoenix Technologies LTD., Validity Sensors Inc. and Sevan Networks Inc.


Today Hitegrity LLC employs around 30 engineers and researchers. Being highly selective in hiring the engineers we find very capable, motivated and dependable individuals and let them flourish. Our devotion in partnership leads to long-term relationships with our partners that go beyond typical outsourcing. Armenian team supplements and becomes an integral part of your research and development team. Both sides benefit from it and that makes all the difference in the world of outsourcing.


Having adopted the CMMI oriented model for the software development processes and tailoring them appropriately to the customer specifics and requirements Hitegrity LLC provides high quality engineering and project management services to help companies in product development lifecycle: starting from specification and architecture design to the first production release and then continuing with maintenance and upgrade releases. We can step in at any phase and work on a short-term project or dedicate a team for a long-term collaboration with your organization. English is the working language at the company: all design documents and communication are in English and all engineers are proficient in English.


We have very capable software development, hardware development, QA and technical support engineers with a broad experience in various areas of product development including applications, drivers, security toolkits and components (PKI, IPSEC, PKCS), network protocols (TCP/IP, IPX), real-time embedded systems, ASIC design, digital boards, communication systems, signal processing, wireless and portable devices (IEEE 802.11/802.16). Programming includes C, C++, C#, Java, SQL, HTML/PHP/ASP, XML/XSL in .NET/Visual Studio, Windows (all desktop OS versions and CE/Mobile), GNU/Linux, SunOS and Solaris, VxWorks, OpenBSD, open source and proprietary real-time and embedded environments, as well as Assembler for BIOS and other low-level and performance-optimized systems and components.