The world has gone mobile. Using smartphones and its features has become a matter of daily use. Mobile apps, games, GPS services, responsive design and user experience: these are the terms of nowadays. More and more IT specialists are joining this sphere.


Please welcome team of young and enthusiastic developers called “Letsein”.


These guys are making apps for the most popular mobile platforms including Android, Windows Phone and iOS.


But this is not just a boring stuff; they are trying to spend their time also with fun.

The team has been participating in different cool contests such as “Hackathon[YAN] 2012”(the winners of the Best rural development solution nomination with “Health Friend” application), “m2work Hackathon Armenia”, “Imagine Cup Armenia 2013” , “Hackathon[YAN] 2013”.


Thanks to their efforts combined with the charisma they have made lots of success.



They are different, but they have one goal and this fact units them.


Letsein, move your Brain!!!